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Official Kubotan Techniques ebook download

Official Kubotan Techniques ebook download

Official Kubotan Techniques by Jr John G. Peters, Takayuki Kubota

Official Kubotan Techniques

Download Official Kubotan Techniques

Official Kubotan Techniques Jr John G. Peters, Takayuki Kubota ebook
Publisher: Reliapon Police Products, Incorporated
Page: 30
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0923401016, 9780923401016

Official Kubotan techniques Peters, contained only six basic movements and certain variations. These basic movements with the Kubotan led to handcuffing or immobilization of the suspect. ƭ�术武器训练丛书从高级武术供应。 博战斗技巧。龙&小。下订单了。 12.95数量:52675官方Kubotan技术。由久保田。一个易于使用的选择是kubotan。该kubotan很小,通常连接到一个人的关键. The Official Kubotan Techniques book, by Kubota and John G. There are various reasons to why one watches a thrill movie. KUBOTANB is a registered trademark of Takayuki Kubota. Official Kubotan Techniques-1981 5-6 inches - download or readfalse online. Official Kubotan Techniques book download Jr John G. Soke Takayuki Kubota association Use and dispersion of this article. Peters, Takayuki Kubota Type: eBook. Download Official Kubotan Techniques. If you have no self defense knowledge I'd like to suggest this book to inform you of ways to use your new tool. The man himselfhere's the book as well Official Kubotan Techniques of these techniques can work with a Mini-Maglitea "PC" Kubotan. Official Kubotan Techniques – Kubota and Peters Reliapon Police Products, Inc. Facebook 8mo ago · She & Him "I've Got Your Number, Son" - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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